Allied Health Business Consulting

Small business specialists

A new allied health practice faces a myriad of complexities, social media, forms, booking systems, patient notes, website and search engine optimisation.  Previously, most health providers would need to outsource all of these tasks to seperate companies, costing a fortune, and not to mention that most of them have no idea about healthcare.  Thats where we can help!

 Business Plans
We have extensive business experience in the health sector.  Let us examine your business practices and help you develop a custom business plan.
  Patient Management Systems
We have developed our own patient management system known as pracflo. This brings all your patient notes, bookings and reminders under one easy to use web based platform.
  Website Design & Hosting
Our website design and hosting service is tailored for allied health professionals.  We understand your business, data security and reliability requirements, and have built a specific health-only hosting solution.
  Search Engine Optimisation
Why build a website if no-one can find you?  We know all the right ways to get your allied health business showing up on google, and we do all the leg work to make it happen.
  Social Media Marketing
A website is nothing without a social media presence.  We can set up your social accounts on all platforms, or even take charge of regular posts to keep customers engaged and entertained!

Starting a new practice?

Our clinic starter package provides it all.


Business analysis

The first step is to analyse your current business practices (both I.T. and manual), goals and expectations.

Efficiency improvements

We then provide advice on how to improve your business processes to be more efficient and mitigate any potential risks.

Web presence

We will then structure your web presence, including website design, hosting, social media and search engine optimisation (SEO). We will also set up or provide advice on patient management systems and booking systems.


We will then monitor implementation and make sure all the preplanned strategies are working as expected, and make any adjustments as required.