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Affordable help with any of your small-business I.T issues.

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We offer a entire suite of IT solutions for small-business.
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Computer Problems?

We can diagnose and repair problems with your desktop systems and server infrastructure. Where possible we can even do this remotely to allow instantaneous attention to your problem.


We can set up or maintain your business local area network (ethernet or WiFi) as well as set up remote VPN access and multi-site private WAN links to connect your sites together.

Server Administration

We are specialists in LINUX and FREEBSD UNIX servers, as well as Microsoft Windows Server variants. If you need routine maintenance, configuration changes or managed services, we have your server administration needs covered.

Cyber Security

In the ever-growing digital age, your data security is paramount.  We can provide a cyber security assessment of all your systems, networks and data storage solutions and make changes or recommendations to improve your security.

Cloud Solutions

The cloud is the new way to do business.  We can help leverage powerful cloud based systems that you can use in every day business.  From video conferencing, document sharing, data storage, back-up solutions, email, team collaboration tools and more. We can guide you through this process.

Internet and VoIP

Through our sister-company, Stealth Internet, we can offer business-grade internet NBN services as well as a full cloud-based PBX phone system and telephone hardware.  Our VoIP solution allows Microsoft Teams integration so your staff can make calls direct from teams.

Tailored for small-business

We provide affordable IT support tailored to your needs.  Whatever you need, we can help. Remotely, or on-site.  Internet, Phone, Computer. It’s all covered.  No job is too small.


We have been in the industry since 1997, and know our stuff. We are honest and transparent, and strive to deliver the very best IT support to you.

Supporting Health Clinics

We understand healthcare, and can assist you with the technology required to set up a new practice, or upgrade your practice to the latest IT systems.

Small Business I.T. Solutions

Affordable, easy.

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