Web Development

Web design, web hosting, search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing.

Stratigence don’t just do web design.  We are about a full internet presence for your business.

Not only can we help you get your business website off the ground, but what makes us different, is that we don’t stop at the web design stage like most others.  We can host your site, do search engine optimisation so customers can find you, through to assisting with your digital marketing strategy.  

We have been involved in the internet industry since 1997,  far longer than a lot of the young players these day, so we understand the technology, and understand it well.   Our web design service is far more than just web design.  It is about establishing an internet presence.  

Website Design

Our process:

Initial meeting

Meet in person (Melbourne), Skype or Zoom to determine your requirements and budget.


We then provide you with a report on our recommendations on your site's design as well as any additional applications and SEO.

Magic happens

We commence development and loop you in at regular intervals to see the progress and make adjustments throughout the course of the project.

Go live!

Your site goes live once you have approved the design and content. We then commence the SEO process if you chose this.

What does it all mean?

We understand that getting your business online can be confusing.  Don’t worry! We can take care of everything for you.  But some of the common terms that you might hear are explained below:

Web hosting relates to the physical server that will host your website, and serve it to people when they type your web address in to their browser.  Stratigence manage our own in-house web hosting service, so we can provide and manage this service to you if required. These days web hosting is very cheap and extremely affordable.

You’ll hear this term a lot.  Once your site is live, no one will be able to find it unless you give them the address somehow.  Your site won’t appear in google and other search engines unless it is optimised and managed in accordance with googles algorithims.  This whole process of getting you ‘on to google’ and aiming to get you on the first page is a long and labour intensive process, known as ‘search engine optimisation’ or SEO for short.  It can take many months (even years) to get to the top of google.  We can help you with SEO as an additional service, which we can discuss.

This is called a domain name, and needs to be registered for a small fee, and renewed every couple of years.  Many domain names are already taken.  You can search here to see if your domain is available.  Some Australian domains require a similar connection to your business or service to be eligible.

This depends on how complex your website is.  It can be as quick as a couple of weeks for a simple site with minimal modifications, through to many months for a very complex and highly technical website.  Please contact us for more information on your requirements.

Our portfolio:

Event Medical Team

Event Medical Team are a non-emergency transport provider in Victoria. Stratigence designed a modern, informative website to detail the business' services.

Medical Response

Stratigence designed a website and online store for Medical Response, that reflected the professionalism and service the company offers. An extensive SEO program was undertaken that skyrocketed the business to the top of google.

Karma Hands

Stratigence assisted Karma Hands in establishing an online presence in the natural therapy sector. This included search engine optimisation to help them reach new clients.

Cocoon Acupuncture

A current work-in-progress, we are establishing a full internet presence, SEO and client management solution for a new Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Ready to start the journey?